Welcome to MLH – MyLivingHome: Your partner in searching for your apartment, house, hostel, and many more!

About MyLivingHome – MLH

MLH is a registered service based Web Agency that works with its national and international partners to help make life easier for anyone searching for an apartment, house, a student hostel, storage place, vehicle parking place and more.

The idea of establishing MLH grew overtime based on the founder’s personal experience searching for an apartment. Haven heard the difficulty his friends and colleagues faced in getting homes for themselves and families, he decided to create this platform to help anyone looking for a property to rent or sell find their dream home and customers.

With the help of internet, almost everything is possible online. So, if you have an apartment, house or part of your property for rent, please contact MLH and we will agree on term on how to present it to thousands of our visitor.

  About the founder


I am Peter Okonye, the manager of MLH.  Currently, I work on board the Night Jet for Newrest-Wagonslit and ÖBB (Österreichische Bundesbahnen) for more than 9 years now, where I have the chance to visit major European cities. As a graduate of BA, e-commerce was part my majors. With today’s technology, I decided to join the established ecommerce companies to help people searching for accommodations of any kind find what they are looking for.

MLH partners with both national and internationally recognized companies.

I hope by using this platform, we will be able to help you solve your accommodation problem. If you find us useful, kindly leave your comments under blog.

Thanks for visiting and for using this platform!

Rules and Regulations

Privacy Policy

Data protection policy is one of the most important issues of the online marketing and so, MyLivingHome takes it very seriously! To read more, please “click here!”

Affiliate Disclosure

For the sake of clarity, MLH wishes to declare that it may receive commission as a result of actions taken on this platform by its visitors. Kindly “click here” for more!


In order to ensure the legality of its business or online activities, MyLivingHome has included below, the detail of its registration. Should MLH unable to resolve any disagreement with its client, they are free to reach out to the authority by “clicking here.”

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